Mike Spinney

The Church and Prop 8: Losing by Winning

In spite of this week’s setback in the California courts, legal approval for same-sex marriage is building steam. The domino theory many right wingers and religious conservatives worried about when Massachusetts turned in favor of same sex marriage five years ago is becoming reality. Besides the Bay State, same-sex marriage

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Big Brother’s Riding Shotgun

I live in Massachusetts where the governor and state legislature seem bent on giving new life to the moniker “Taxachusetts.” Our local news headlines lately have been all about turnpike toll increases, gas tax increases, sales tax increases, and a new kind of road use tax assessed through the use

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You Have Zero Privacy — Enjoy It!

“You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” That quote has echoed down through the years since it was first uttered and it is either praised for its insight or decried with varying degrees of fervor depending upon your view on the subject. For my part, I think McNealy was spot-on – and dead wrong. You have zero privacy — enjoy it!

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Tea Party v. Thai Party Protests

The phenomenon of these so-called protests, scheduled through oh-so-trendy social media utilities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Meetup, is almost laughable. Clicking on an invitation may give participants the warm and fuzzies, but it’s far too easy for politicians to ignore such passive events, even when they are punctuated by an actual gathering of people.

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Rx: Self-Help for Hard Times

I see captains of American industry waiting around for a parting of the skies and a booming voice (echoing from somewhere in the vicinity of Washington, D.C.) to tell them everything’s going to be alright. The only thing they need to do is show the proper obeisance (while begging for their stimulus check).

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The Message of Madoff

I don’t for a moment believe that Madoff is beyond redemption, but if he lands in Club Fed instead of a less comfortable facility, what kind of message does that send to folks struggling in the shadow of his tony Manhattan townhouse?

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