Scott Olin Schmidt

Healthcare Politics Trumps Good Policy

Time will tell if President Obama managed to hit the “reset” button with his Wednesday evening speech to Congress on healthcare. But as long as the American public firmly divided into three camps – those who want free healthcare at any cost, those who want none of it and those

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The GOP’s Decline-to-Win Strategy

The California Republican Party has finally found a way to make its September convention in Rancho Mirage relevant. It’s going to take up a proposal to make the Republican Party irrelevant in California elections for decades to come. Party Vice Chairman Jon Fleischman is proposing that the state GOP close

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Critiquing “Cash for Clunkers”

Nearly six months after President Obama and the Democratic Congress passed a near-trillion dollar economic stimulus package, the American people finally saw results last week when the three-month “Cash for Clunkers” program exhausted all of its funding in just over three days, leading the Administration to seek more funding for

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Suze Orman For Governor

I was an early and ardent supporter of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger but the compromises he made to achieve a “balanced” budget in 2009 now make me believe that the Golden State elected the wrong celebrity. We should have elected Suze Orman. Only the CNBC talk show host would have the

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The Single-Payer is the Taxpayer

Saying “time is a wasting,” to pass healthcare reform, senior White House Advisor David Axelrod dismissed efforts to reach consensus on legislation as secondary to getting a new law passed. “We’d like to do it with the votes of members of both parties,” Axelrod said. “But the worst result would

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Palin Resignation Is Wasillogical

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin shocked the nation Friday when she announced, abruptly, that she would vacate the Governor’s Mansion on July 26. The suddenness of her announcement led to wild speculation over holiday barbecues for a simple reason: Palin’s decision to leave office 18 months into her first term does

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