Deborah Klosky

The Seven Deadly Sins Diet

Sure, I know we’re all supposed to be acting like grown-ups these days – bucking up, buckling down, toughening up, pulling up our socks, straightening our ties – being more sober than we’ve ever been. And I know a lean, mean look, buffed up like Michelle Obama’s arms, much better suits these tougher times than a, shall we say, softer, silhouette.

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It’s Good To Be The (Drag)Queen

A man in full-on glamour drag points out, to me, the artificiality of some of the ideas about women’s beauty (not to mention serving as a reminder that I really should investigate some more proactive underwear).

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Be Like Barack

I’m betting after a few weeks as an Obama, the puppy will have figured out how to hold the scoop in one little paw and the bag in another and then toss the whole mess in the trash all by itself.

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Home Spaces

It’s now certain beyond a doubt that I should cross astronaut off my potential career list. Because you have one little butterfingers move and it’s worldwide news? Is this fair?

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Merry Thanksgiving

For us Jews, Thanksgiving is an uncomplicated treat as we enter the “um” season. “Got your tree yet?” “Um…” “Where are you going for Christmas?” “Um…” “Mommy, is Santa coming to our house?” “Um…”

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A New Floss-iphy

You know this global financial crisis that makes you wake up sweating in the middle of the night? Well hey, it might actually be good for your health. That’s right.

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