About Chris Nolan

Chris Nolan is the editor and founder of Spot-on.com.

Her work is well known to tech-savvy and politically astute readers. Her weekly syndicated column, “Talk is Cheap” appeared in The New York Post, Upside and Wired.com beginning in 1999. Debuting in 1997 at the beginnings of the Internet stock boom, the column covered a wide variety of topics and was well regarded for its humor, insight and news value. She has spoken frequently on politics and media as well as on the impact of “stand alone journalism” – a phrase she has coined to describe the work that experienced and professional journalist are doing on the web.

Chris Nolan


Nolan has led her peers in breaking important stories. Her reporting on Silicon Valley banker Frank Quattrone led, eventually, to Quattrone’s conviction on obstruction of justice charges. In addition to columns and writing on the web, Nolan’s work has appeared in The Washington Post, The New Republic, Fortune, Business 2.0 and Conde Nast Traveler and public radio’s Marketplace

Before moving to San Francisco, Nolan, who has more than 20 years of reporting experience, wrote about politics and technology in Washington, D.C. for a series of television trade magazines. She hold a B.A. degree from Barnard College, Columbia University.


CNolan [at] spot-on.com
1819 Polk Street, #317,
San Francisco, Calif., 94109

About Deborah Klosky

Deborah Klosky has worked as a journalist and writer
for 15 years, while living in the U.S. and Europe. She
speaks fluent Spanish, some German and a little
French. Her English is pretty good, too.

Deborah_Klosky_official headshot

Klosky has reported for the Associated Press in Spain and for Dow Jones News Services in Washington, covering everything from presidential summits to bullfights – events more similar than you might think. While living in Vienna, Austria, she was one of the authors of the first edition of Time Out’s guide to that city. Her work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age and the Washingtonian magazine.

The mother of two young boys, Klosky is married to a Spanish research scientist. She graduated from Yale University, where she was features editor of the Yale Daily News, with a degree in economics and political science.

Debbie can be reached at DKlosky [at] Spot-on.com

About Scott Olin Schmidt

Award-winning blogger Scott Olin Schmidt lives in West Hollywood, California, where, when not cheering on the USC Trojans, he works in public relations, crisis management and new media outreach. He has written on subjects from politics to travel to sports, on such popular websites as Wonkette, Gridskipper and SportsIllustrated.com.

Scott Olin Schmidt

Schmidt is an former member of the 42nd District Republican Party Central Committee and served on the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County Republican Party. Scott was an alternate delegate to the 2000 Republican National Convention where he voted from the floor to nominate George W. Bush to be President of the United States.

A former lobbyist for business trade groups–including the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and (San Fernando) Valley Industry and Commerce Association, Schmidt has been called upon to give his unique perspective on Local and State politics by the Fox News Channel and Adelphia Communications’ public affairs shows Local Talk and Week in Review.

Scott can be reached at SSchmidt [at] Spot-on.com

About Matthew Holt

Matthew Holt

Matthew Holt believes that health care is the coming big domestic issue in the US, and thinks that not enough people understand about that!

Matthew Holt


Born in the U.K. and possessed of a sometimes “charming” English accent, Holt is a long-time health care consultant who works as a researcher, generalist forecaster, and strategist for virtually every type of organization in the health care system. His professional career started with graduate work in Health Services Research at Stanford University, moving onto forecasting and survey work at the Institute for the Future and Harris Interactive, with a stint in a health care software company, before ending up as an independent consultant. When not writing for Spot-on, he blogs on the side for a wide health care audience at The Health Care Blog.

In addition to his professional work, Matthew is a politics junkie with two degrees in political science who voted for Maggie Thatcher in her first two elections. Unlike the faux capitalists now running the world, he is a devotee of Adam Smith, while also having read his Marx and Lenin. Holt remains a strange mix of a libertarian social democrat who is very vexed about the drug war, the lack of a univeral health care system, the continuing assault on civil liberties and the environment, and virtually all US Foreign policy with the exception of the post-war occupation of Japan. It is time, though, for us to leave Okinawa!

Matthew can be reached at MHolt [at] Spot-on.com

About Nicole Martinelli

California native Nicole Martinelli has been in the Bel Paese long enough to jump lines but still clock-watches when cooking pasta.

Nicole Martinelli

Based in Milan, she frequently reports further afield — from the development of a dolphin-saving whistle in Sicily to the ‘Rave Priest’ in Abruzzo for outfits including Newsweek, the BBC and Wired News. Her own news site, zoomata, has been around since 1999.

Known to produce handfuls of hard-won Italian documents at the least prompting, she also holds a degree in journalism from San Francisco State University, a masters in Media & Communications from the University of Florence, Italy and belongs to the Italian society of professional journalists.

She does not normally refer to herself in the third person.

Nicole can be reached at NMartinelli [at] Spot-on.com

About Jeanne Jackson

Jeanne Jackson was born and raised in New Jersey, but lost her state citizenship because she could never quite master the big hair thing or remember her exit. When she actually yielded the right-of-way to another driver, she was promptly evicted from the state.


A former newspaper reporter, Jeanne once won a Virginia Press Association award, though she can’t remember what it was for, only that there was an open bar at the ceremony and the roast beef was tough. Proving her financial acuity, she gave up the field of journalism for motherhood.

Her blog Linguini on the Ceiling chronicles her life as “a Yankee living in the south; a Jersey girl married to a country boy; the only female living in a house full of men.” She currently lives in exile from her people in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her soil scientist husband Dirtman, her two teenage sons, known collectively as The Heirs, four dogs and five cats, give or take.

Jeanne can be reached at JJackson [at] Spot-on.com

About Mike Spinney

Mike Spinney is a writer and communications consultant with more than fifteen years experience. A veteran of the U.S. Navy’s intelligence service, Spinney cut his teeth researching and writing theater and mission briefs for his bomber squadron’s air crew and air wing commanders, including combat mission planning during the 1985-1986 conflict with Libya.

After the Navy, Spinney attended the University of Southern Maine where he earned his BA in political science and simultaneously began developing his craft as a writer. During that time he also began working on public relations and corporate communications projects before moving into the fast-paced world of high tech public relations when, in 1996, he moved to Massachusetts to join one of the Boston area’s most enigmatic PR firms where he toiled for seven years.


with friend

In 2003, Spinney joined the International Association of Privacy Professionals to edit that group’s monthly member newsletter and manage the IAPP’s communications program. As newsletters editor Spinney immersed himself in leading privacy issues, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the emergence of spam, spyware, and identity theft. He also earned professional credentials as a Certified Information Privacy Professional.

Today, Spinney is an independent communications consultant, providing counsel to technology upstarts and industrial stalwarts, is a member of the prestigious Ponemon Institute, co-chair of the IAPP’s Boston chapter KnowlegeNet, and a member of the Merrimack Valley Venture Forum. Spinney is also an active freelance writer whose byline has appeared in a variety of publications, including Inc., Cigar Aficionado, TIDE, Robb Report, On the Water, Portland Magazine, Interface Tech News, and RFID Journal, to name a few. He is a regular contributor to Spot-On.com and to the IAPP’s 1to1: Privacy newsletter.

Mike can be reached at MSpinney [at] Spot-on.com

About Gopika Kaul

Gopika was born and brought up in India. She has a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, New-Delhi – one of the finest institutions in India. She moved to Hong Kong in 1993 when she was barely twenty years old on an impulse to join Cathay Pacific Airways as a flight attendant. It was a life changing experience.

Gopika Kaul

After flying around the world for almost nine years she decided to call it quits and get back to books. She graduated with a master’s in New-Media (the program is called Interactive Telecommunications) from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. Her thesis was a short film comparing life in India and New York. It was screened at the Tisch annual show.

She worked for Time Warner in New York before moving back to her country where she worked for ‘The Times of India’, one of India’s largest media houses. She now lives in New-Delhi with her husband and daughter.

Gopika can be reached at GKaul [at] Spot-on.com

About Kevin Weeks

Kevin Weeks

What does an ex-software engineer and magazine editor do when the Internet kills his career? He falls back to the avocation that has been part of his life since he was seven-years old; he starts cooking for a living.

Kevin Weeks “collected” his first recipe at age seven and has been cooking ever since. Today he is a personal chef, cooking instructor, and food blogger in Knoxville, TN. According to Weeks: “At least there’s always food on the table: Good food, at that.”

Kevin can be reached at KWeeks [at] Spot-on.com

About P.J. Rodriguez

P.J. Rodriguez has been obsessing about pop culture for most of his life. If it can be read, watched, listened to, worn, or eaten, then it is on the menu. As he puts it, “If you’re a sentient being interacting with the outside world, then popular culture is the ocean in which you swim.”

Rodriguez is a former independent video producer, wedding DJ and marketing & communications consultant to the cable industry. He now works at a trade association on online communications strategies. He owns a ridiculously large number of albums (both vinyl and digital), books, magazines, comic books, and DVDs. A former resident of Southern California, he has lived in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. for 17 years and counting. He also writes at his blog The Pop View.

P.J. can be reached at PJRodriguez [at] Spot-on.com

About Christopher Allbritton

Christopher Allbritton has been covering the Middle East since 2002 when he sneaked into Iraq from Syria by boat in order to report on Iraqi Kurdistan. He started the blog, Back-to-Iraq.com, shortly after he returned and began soliciting donations to go back and cover the coming war. In April the next year, with $15,000 of readers’ money in hand, he staged his own mini-invasion of Iraq from Turkey, trudging through the mountains for two days and nights to get to the war. When the hotel owner in Dahuk asked him how he got to Iraq, he said: “We walked.”

Christopher Allbritton

Chris returned to Iraq a third time in 2004 (via airplane this time) and ended up staying in Baghdad for two years for TIME Magazine.

Now based in Beirut — “I thought it would be calmer,” he says — he roams the Middle East from Jordan to Lebanon to Egypt trying to find that perfect bowl of hummous. In addition to TIME, he’s written for the Washington Times, Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Newark Star-Ledger and a number of other publications. He holds a masters degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York and a tenuous grip on good sense, apparently.

His mother still worries about him.

Christopher can be reached at CAllbritton [at] Spot-on.com

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