Jeanne Jackson

Falling Out

We were having lunch at my favorite arts and crafts festival and my brother decided he didn’t like what we were having and went off to find something else to eat. We settled in with our crab cake sandwiches and coleslaw and John returned15 minutes later with nothing more than

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I’m Okay; You’re Not So Good

I guess I wasn’t home the day Katie Couric – or anyone else – called for my opinion on healthcare reform. I’m particularly disappointed to have missed Katie’s call, which I’m sure happened, seeing as she used to live in these parts; ya know – where I have a following.

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An Employers’ Market

At last, the public humiliation is over. Many of you know what I am talking about: the agony caused by having to look for a job in what is clinically referred to as an “employers’ job market;” meaning, there are fewer jobs than there are poor slobs like me to

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Last of the Summer Whine

In my book, August is almost as dismal and depressing as February. I know summer isn’t over until Sept. 21, but my summer is over once I no longer have a vacation to anticipate and after I’ve had a tomato sandwich for lunch for 30 straight days. This sounds ungrateful

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The Pickles of Wrath

I am writing this from a bunker deep within the recesses of my house. Whether this dispatch will reach anyone before tragedy overtakes us, I cannot say. Just know that I have fought the good fight. Know that, whatever happens, I did my best to mitigate the tide of what

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The Griping Piping Plover

Though I grew up 10 minutes from the eastern coastline of the U.S., I probably spent less time there than most people who lived hours away. But for the first 24 years of my life, I was dependent on the economy generated by our proximity to the shore. With all

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