Mike Spinney

An Evangelical’s Goodbye to Dr. Dobson

I believe I have a duty as a citizen to follow my conscience and faith on political issues, but regard this as a matter of personal choice, not religious obligation. I resent being told by anyone, let alone a religious figure, that I have a moral responsibility to act in a certain way and I will continue to speak out against influential Christians like Dobson who use their position to manipulate the political process.

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Toward a Saner Cuban Policy

What has our policy toward Cuba achieved for the United States over the last twenty years? Pardon me while I go freshen my coffee and catch up on some morning reading while you strain your brain thinking of a good answer to that question.

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He Had a Dream!

Dr. King isn’t getting his due from what I can see. After all, if we’re serious about honoring the Civil Rights Movement’s greatest hero shouldn’t we be using the observation of his birthday as an excuse to shill for a quick buck? Isn’t that the American way?

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Mike Huckabee’s Moses Moment

My duty as a Christian is not, after all, to blindly cast my vote for whichever candidate is best able to convince me of his religious sincerity, but to study the word of God, strengthen my faith, and be guided by wisdom and the Spirit before prayerfully casting my ballot.

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My Christmas Yarmulke

I’m just little suspicious of anyone who thinks overdoing Christmas in the weeks after Thanksgiving makes up for eleven months of decidedly non-Christian living.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those folks who gets upset when someone says “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Both are perfectly valid ways to greet friends, enemies, strangers, business associates, and family.

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Not So Nice New England Ice

Apart from the main thoroughfares, the roads here remain littered with trees and wires. Off the main routes, the damage this storm visited upon the region is vividly apparent. Few trees were spared, losing tops and limbs under the weight of the heavy ice that coated them during the overnight storm (which the National Weather Service warned as late as Thursday might only amount to a “light glazing”).

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