Kevin Weeks

Review: The Science of Good Food

Back in 1990 my father gave me a copy of Harold McGee’s The Curious Cook for Christmas and reading it was a revelatory experience. Although I’d been cooking for many years and was aware that cooking involved elements of science, I had no idea how much science – particularly physics

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Something COOL

This past Tuesday (October 1) we finally saw something good for consumers come out of the federal government: Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) for food. Grocery stores have six months to comply and then most meat and produce and some nut producers must specify the origin of their products (exceptions

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A Fortunate Man

I awoke this past Friday morning to a gray drizzly day. Here in East Tennessee spring and summer are marked by thunder storms – great howling rages of wind and rain – interspersed, often several times in a single day, with blue skies and scudding high fluffy clouds. But winter

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Reading Periodically

I just renewed my subscription to Cook’s Illustrated, my favorite cooking magazine. For years and years before the World Wide Web and before cookbooks had become one of the largest categories in book stores I subscribed to Gourmet and Bon Appetit, because those magazines were the best bets for a

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Your Government Makes You Fat!

Sounds like a headline from the tabloids, eh? But in fact it’s to some degree accurate – although it’s not a deliberate act – to say your government makes you fat. It’s another one of a case of unintended consequences that so bedevil our increasingly complicated world. But in this

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An Extra Pound or 50

Myriad factors contribute to the increasing obesity of Americans – too much sugar, too little exercise, too many fries and too few Brussels sprouts.Even the company you keep influences your weight, which means obesity (and leanness) is to some degree communicable. But … We eat too much.

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