Nicole Martinelli

Italian Butterfly Effect

When normally-vocal Italian workers stage a silent protest, it can take months to feel the weight of their wrath.
More from Milan on how 200 tons of unsorted correspondence drive that message home.

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Primaries, 2.0

Democrats abroad voted, for the first time ever, online. Instead of putting (misplaced) faith in paper absentee ballots, the digital vote enables them to send 22 delegates to the August convention. More on virtual voting from Milan.

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My Big Fat Italian Tuesday

Today is not Super Tuesday. It’s “Fat Tuesday,” well, it is for anyone living outside the U.S. electoral tunnel. Although Italians are following the primaries with all the morbid interest of a soap opera — since their own government fell and the goings-on are all too dramatic — they do

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Bambino Boom: 2 Kids in 13 years

Alfiano Vecchio, home to 36 residents, made headlines recently because the first child was born there in about half a generation and another one is on the way. More from Milan on why stories of mini-bambino booms are infrequent heart-warmers in Italian news.

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Cannoli: Food for Thought

Sicily’s Governor Salvatore Cuffaro was recently sentenced to five years in prison for colluding with the Mafia. When he heard the news, Cuffaro celebrated by handing around a tray of cannoli to journalists.
More from Milan on the long arm of Cosa Nostra and why Italians should skip dessert.

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Duck, Pato, Duck!

Soccer fan or not, you’d have to be pickled in Prosecco to ignore the arrival in Milan of the latest teen star from Brazil.
Pato (“The Duck”), age 18, recently played his first game for AC Milan called a “dream debut” by the papers. Can this puppy-like kid survive soccer stardom?

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