Nicole Martinelli

Pink Parking Spots for Pregnant Women

Pink is still in. Even more so in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, where pregnant women can park for free in special pink spaces. The city recently launched a Pink Parking Program that by 2011 will give pregnant women a total of 17 “courtesy areas” (hospitals, pediatric clinics) where they can

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How Big is Your “Salve” Circle?

A leaky roof reminded me of the importance of knowing your neighbors. Convinced I could expand the number of nodding acquaintances dramatically with a little effort, I started greeting various and sundry Milan locals with “salve,” the Italian equivalent of “hello,” with sometimes disastrous results.

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Proletariat “Patrons” Star in Pisa Fresco

For centuries, bigwigs have paid for paintings while average locals filled in anonymously for color.
In Pisa, it was recently decided that the time had come for tax-paying citizens to participate, once again, in art by modeling for a huge new fresco.

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Milan’s Recession-Proof Designs

Even dispiriting quantities of rain couldn’t put a damper on Milan Design Week: there were a record 100,000 visitors, up 20% over last year, and news reports of traffic jams, crammed parking lots and taxi lines backed up into the fair building caused organizers to extend opening times by two

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And the winner is…

Italian politics — with porn-star candidates, Village People rally cries and advice on how to marry a millionaire — are never dull. This morning, the country woke up to cappuccino, cornetti and another new government led by media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, which means the real fun and games are destined

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Will Blog for Breasts

Lycos Italy is offering breast augmentation to a young woman in exchange for a blog account of her surgery. The author, 33-year-old office worker Vania Zacchei, will go under the knife April 9.

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