Jeanne Jackson

Breeder Heal Thyself

It comes as a relief that the top story this weekend was not about the economy, but about dogs. Just as the Obamas finally got their Portuguese Water Dog (a gift from Sen. Ted Kennedy), news came of the breeder who produced Vice President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd Dog. It

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You’ve Got Mail

There is no longer tolerance of anything as boring as listening to the human sounds of stuttering and stammering for a minute and a half. That’s what people do; because most of us don’t prepare an oratory for the benefit of leaving a message that will hold you captivated for the 45 seconds needed to impart why our existence is not a waste of your time. Sorry.

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Serenity Now!

Comedian Robert Klein once pointed out that astronaut Neil Armstrong had to be the classiest guy in the world because he could have made a boat load of money if, when taking that first step on the moon, he shouted, “Coca Cola!” We’ve come a long way in those 40

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A Study No One Needed

Under the category entitled “I Suspected as Much,” scientists at the University of California, Davis, have discovered that what makes a teenagers brain unique is that some of the connections are missing. Seriously? They had to conduct a study for this one? That stimulus package will pay for anything. “When

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Advice from the Oracle of Omaha

When the richest man in the world speaks, one would hope someone in our nation’s capital would listen. But it looks like even when Warren Buffett offers free advice, politicians can’t let go of their own precious agendas. President Barack Obama and every one Congress may want to rethink their

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