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Yo! Nick! – A Cook’s Christmas List

Polls are indicating that people are eating out less, and when they do it tends to be at fast food joints. For example, Applebees sales are reportedly down about 15 percent while McDonalds are up by eight. But people are also doing more of their own cooking in order to

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Traditions, Again

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’ve been concentrating on Christmas for over a week. It isn’t that I’m particularly enamored of Christmas, in fact I prefer T’day, but even as a cook and a writer and a food writer I have to plan for holidays. I had to create,

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Girl’s Night Out

By the time I got to Sonoma it was dark and drizzling rain – a really unpleasant December evening. I had printed out a map and directions to my bed and breakfast from MapQuest but for the first (and only) time MapQuest had it wrong and for the life of

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Politics on Wry

Today , Nov. 3 is the birthday of Lord John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich and, reputedly, the inventor of the sandwich. In point of fact, sandwiches were likely invented the day after bread was invented, nevertheless there is a good chance that Montague is the namesake of the

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Eating Oil

On October 12 Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food took over the New York Times Magazine for his polemic, “Farmer in Chief” framed as an open letter to the next president. Pollan writes: “what’s needed is a change of culture in America’s thinking about

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Selling Obesity

Most of us think we’re immune to the blandishments of marketing droids. And perhaps – when we notice we’re being blandished – we are. But marketing messages are such a pervasive part of our culture that noticing every “buy” message would occupy our attention full time; we wouldn’t even have

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