Mike Spinney

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before

It’s 2008, and while the Democrats won’t have George W. Bush to (er…) kick around again, they are demonstrating the same kind of entitled bravado that alienated them from enough voters in the last two presidential elections to lose what they believed to be their due. That sense of entitlement has already cost Hillary Clinton the nomination, and for all of his populist chops, it may well prove to be Obama’s undoing should the Democrat Party exert too much influence on his post-nomination campaign.

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Wright’s Wrong Turn

We have a long history in America of being called to task by clerics. The desire for religious freedom that drove pilgrims to our once savage shores and that was codified in our Constitution, made such a phenomenon possible. Emboldened by revelation and not beholden to the pleasure of government, preachers have been at liberty to speak their minds to congregations large and small. Today we find ourselves being taken to task by another man of God – Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

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For Everything There is A Season

If there’s any real justice, the anti-corruption crusader Gotham’s tabloids once dubbed “Eliot Ness” will learn what it’s like to be at the receiving end of a pitiless prosecutor, maybe even one with lofty political ambition and an ego to match.

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Super Duper Tuesday Plus One

Obama’s going to win. The enthusiasm he’s generating will eventually overtake and put real distance between he and Hillary Clinton. I know Democrats who have done nothing overtly political their whole lives that are now volunteering for Obama; white guys who went door-to-door in places like Trenton, New Jersey to try and mobilize voters.

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Not Enough Doctors!

Here’s a shocking statistic: the medical education system produces about 8,000 new doctors per year, but 35,000 become eligible for retirement. The math doesn’t work. Worse, low job satisfaction levels have many younger doctors considering leaving their careers.

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Pharisees and Tax Collectors (Part II)

What I never saw coming was that the shift toward sincerity would be short lived within the ranks of the GOP, and even less so among the Democrats. I expected both John McCain and Barack Obama to be cresting a wave of party support by now, ready to carry them each to their party’s nominations on the spring tide of Super Duper Tuesday.

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