Mike Spinney

Weak Flesh, Willing Spirit

Let’s face it, few people take evangelicals seriously anymore. We’re viewed as grumpy, narrow-minded crackpots who believe in ancient fairy tales, and when evangelicals make the news, as with this protest preaching, we play into the prevailing stereotype.

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Somebody’s Watching Me

Whenever someone does something on the road that aggravates me, I try to remember that I’ve got a Christian message on the back of my car for the world to see. Often (though not always) I will temper my urge to react to a tailgater or some other clown driving as if he or she owns the road. I want to make sure my actions are consistent with the message I carry.

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Ten Questions on the Economy

I’m not an economist, so if you are reading this hoping to gain a better understanding of high finance, stop now and get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. But if you have questions, as I have questions, let’s ask a few and see what kind of response we get.

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Who Puts a King on the Throne?

I am disturbed when religious leaders purport to be doing the Lord’s work when they endorse political candidates. Upon what special revelation do they believe they act? Has God somehow shown them that either Barack Obama or John McCain is the one whose hand should be on the tiller guiding America’s ship-of-state?

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Looking West With Envy

California, you are often maligned by those of us on the East Coast for your oddball politics. We laugh at the idea of a Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and cringe at the citizen petition process that seems to wreak such havoc with your public policy, but secretly we are envious. We

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The Man in the Mirror

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities so beset by immorality that God saw fit to raze them with fire from Heaven, has been used by many Christians to justify their outrage and actions against gays. God’s intolerance of homosexuality was demonstrated on the fertile Jordan plain when He reduced those infamous bergs to cinders – the God-fearing should take the hint.

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