Mike Spinney

Eagles, Turkeys and Detroit

Relying on nostalgia when American consumers demand quality, these so-called captains of industry act as if they have a right to access the wallets of the American taxpayer because of their own collective failure to perform the basic functions of their jobs, namely, manage a profit-making company profitably. If we can’t build cars for which Americans are willing to pay their hard-earned money, their logic goes, we’ll just pull an end-around and take their money via Washington.

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Merry Christmas, David

There’s no shortage of individuals in prison who want to game the system in order to earn “good time” and build up a resume for early release. After all, attending a religious program is, for obvious reasons, a popular way to demonstrate repentance and reform.

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Deep Fried Turkey

I had set everything up far enough away from the house and cars so that there was no immediate danger of showing up on the evening news, and – thankfully – it was over as quickly as it happened. Maybe the adrenal rush had something to do with it, but an hour later we were all tucking in to a Thanksgiving turkey that was more succulent than others in memory.

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History Lesson

Barack Obama is on the cusp of inheriting a nation where many of the conditions that fomented McVeigh’s terrorism not only remain, but have been exacerbated by nose-diving economic conditions and piqued political rhetoric. There’s already fear that the federal government is going to come hard after the Second Amendment — a short-fuse issue for those on the extreme political right.

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Dumb and Dumber?

November 4th is going to be an interesting day here in Massachusetts. Election night will have nearly everyone on the edge of their seat, not because the state’s presidential pick will be in doubt, but because the fate of the state’s income tax will be decided. I am an enthusiastic

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Onward Christian Soldiers

There is one important message that Religulous unintentionally conveys: that we Christians, by and large, have done a lousy job at preparing to defend our faith. Maher’s questions should be easily answered by any believer – but I’ll admit that I had to research some of the issues he raised after I got home.

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