Scott Olin Schmidt

The Dangers of False Hope

To win the White House, President-elect Barack Obama seized on two simple words that summed up what he meant to voters and the world: “change” and “hope”. Obama would signal a change from a Bush Administration which had squandered the goodwill of the world and the American public over the

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Three DOG Bubble?

If we learned anything from the late 1990’s, it should have been this: bubbles burst. What goes up explosively, must come down, in a similar manner. The tech bubble that led to happy memories of the Clinton Administration came apart suddenly, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 40 percent

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Please, Joe, Don’t Go to WeHo

After the presidential race, the most closely-watched election in America is Proposition 8, the California Constitutional Amendment which would eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples. For the gay and lesbian community, the lap-dogs of the Democratic Party for decades, the debate over how to direct its limited resources

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Take Care of Business Before Politics

While Wall Street is having the come-aparts and Washington is scrambling to save the economy, we have seen the risks of putting partisan politics ahead of what’s good for business, and main street. Yet amid the turmoil, it seems many are having a hard time staying focused on the most

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The RuPaul Effect

Can California being seeing a repeat of electoral history with this year’s ballot measure on same-sex marriage? Back in 1982, when Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley was running for governor, California voters told pollsters that they intended to vote for the African American candidate, but on election day, they pulled

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A Vote For Real Change

Last week, I proudly joined a number of current and former Republican Party officials in Los Angeles to condemn an L.A. county GOP event promoting California’s Proposition 8 – the measure which would eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples. Now, the role of the local political party plays

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