Scott Olin Schmidt

Penny Bonuses on Bailout Dollars

From Washington to Wall Street, Americans are talking bonuses, bonuses, bonuses, specifically the $165 million paid executives at American International Group, which is also the beneficiary of more than $170 billion in federal bailout funds. But like stem cells and social “wedge” issues, the outrage only distracts from the serious

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Barack Obama, Cultural Warrior

Barack Obama is pulling a page from Karl Rove’s tactical playbook: when things aren’t going so well, distract the masses with a culture war. Just because the Obama White House doesn’t agree with its predecessors doesn’t mean they cannot employ the Bush Administration’s tactics. Unlike Bill Clinton, who tried to

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California’s $11 Billion Election

As a result of last month’s State Assembly budget negotiation marathon, Californians will get yet another chance to cast a seasonal ballot on tax and other issues in the state’s May 19th special Spring election. And while $11 billion in higher taxes seems like a high price for democracy, given

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The Marriage-Industrial Complex

While California’s State Government is on the brink of going the way of Bear Stearns, the so-called leaders of the Golden State’s gay and lesbian community spent Tuesday in Sacramento lobbying legislators. Their goal? Passage of two non-binding resolutions asking the state to overturn Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment approved

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Scrutinizing Obama’s Stimulus

Just three weeks in to his Presidency, Barack Obama’s era as a post-partisan president is pretty much gone as he attacks Republicans for questioning the wisdom of his “economic recovery” bill. Obama is forgetting that Republicans, being the loyal opposition, have a duty to raise questions and when it comes

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Silence Villainizes Octouplet Mom

Because they are so rare, multiple births are bound to cause a media sensation. Pop out six, seven, or eight children and you’re news, whether you like it or not. That’s the hard lesson being learned by single mom Nadya Suleman. When the 33 year-old mother of six went into

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