Scott Olin Schmidt

Marriage By Any Other Name

Following last week’s decision on Proposition 8 by the California Supreme Court, proponents of marriage equality in the state rushed to lay the path to its undoing. The establishment gay rights groups are heading to the ballot box, with an initiative planned for 2010. Meanwhile a Hollywood-backed lawsuit with a

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A Gay Marriage Coaltion That Can Win

The California Supreme Court has spoken, ruling that voters had the right to amend the state’s constitution and eliminate the fundamental constitutional right to marry for same-sex couples. And while the legal arguments over Proposition 8 are settled, the issue of gay marriage will by no means go away. It

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California’s Call to Convention

For the second time in four years, California voters have “sent a message” to Sacramento, rejecting budget reforms in the face of spiraling deficits. Yesterday, California voters killed all but one of a package of budget ballot measures designed to partially paper over the state’s growing deficits, just as they

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California Republicans Should Fear Prop 8

Last fall, the theocratic wing of the California Republican Party took solace in a narrow victory on Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment eliminating the right to marry for same-sex couples. They cobbled together a coalition with just enough Latino, African-American and older voters to write the law into the

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If You Can’t Regulate Stupid, Teach It

On opposite coasts, New York and California have struggled in recent years with a public health obsession with obesity. In each state, there have been different solutions offered – both of which have rankled libertarians and conservatives who oppose big-government intervention in people’s lives. The approaches offer a choice between

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Losing Faith in “Hope” for a Change

Not two months into his Presidency and Barack Obama is showing the first signs of self-doubt. Stepping outside the arena of politics and policy for two television appearances last week, the President sent signals that he no longer believes in the personal narrative that brought him to the White House.

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