P.J. Rodriquez

The Scandal Rules

You might not expect a conservative politician to be caught cruising in a men’s room, but if you’re a liberal, you probably suspect that a lot of conservative politicians are secret hypocrites.

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Ah, $weet No$talgia; Your Memorie$ For $ale

The art world has long struggled with the question of the true financial value of artworks but these days, as boomers look back at their youth, rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia and comic books are caught up in a debate about pricing, one fueled by the energy of nostalgia…. In similar fashion, there are times when a lunch-box or guitar or comic book seems more valued for all the hopes, dreams and romantic notions – rosy memories of when we were all young and comfort was a boloney sandwich and a Ring-Ding – that are locked within it.

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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

In Warren Ellis’ debut novel Crooked Little Vein, private eye Michael McGill is hired by the president’s heroin-addicted chief of staff to find the secret backup version of the Constitution, written by the Founding Fathers for future generations to use in an emergency.

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Let’s Go to the Movies

And when it comes to political thrillers like the late-summer hit, The Bourne Ultimatum, those movies often seem to reflect both our own paranoia and uncomfortable truths at the same time…. The Bourne Ultimatum is the third in the series and while it features scenes with black hoods pulled over heads and water torture that might have come from the prisons of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay, what really rings true is the statement expressed by characters that these are dangerous times and we must secure our safety through any means necessary.

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Dancing with the Devil

American TV often delivers a less than honest portrait of life and viewers seem pretty comfortable with that state of affairs. But in Britain, it’s another story.

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Just the Facts, Ma’am, Just the Facts?

When I first saw the 1996 movie Up Close and Personal, I recall that it annoyed me because it claimed that the essence of good journalism is telling stories. Michelle Pfeiffer as Tally Atwater – the glossy version of the gritty and tragic life story of newswoman Jessica Savitch –

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