P.J. Rodriquez

We Are All Sinners There

One night earlier this week, I was sitting in a Las Vegas hotel bar with some business colleagues. A co-worker alerted me that there was a “couch full of prostitutes” behind me. When I turned to look at the group of young women, it struck me: How could you tell?

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Taking the Culture War to DEFCON 3

Back in January, when Stephen Colbert, host of the satiric program The Colbert Report, suggested that D’Souza was supporting radical extremists in the Muslim world, it seemed quite amusing – a comic exaggeration made more amusing by the idea that conservatives – that’s the flag-waving crowd right – would endorse the ideals of our harshest critics and enemies…. He criticizes Hillary Clinton for supporting “a V-chip” to control violent programming, since she “has never called for an S-chip to enable parents to monitor sexually explicit programming;” he seems unaware that the V-chip and other parental control options block content in a variety of ways that include both violent and sexual content.

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