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Happily Ever After, In The Real World

As the father of two young women, let me go on the record: Not a fan of princesses. But I am crazy for a new Disney movie about a fairytale princess because it illuminates what’s so wrong with the enduringly popular Princess mythology. Enchanted is a new film that builds

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Stephen Colbert’s Truthy Reality

Just imagine if Colbert actually got enough votes to become a spoiler. If that happens, Colbert will have made a very important point: A vote for his bombastic, insensitive, over-the-top moronic egotist is a entertaining way for voters to say “none of the above,”

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Pretty Please, Vote For Me.

There’s something really fascinating about watching children engage in adult pursuits, to see what they do differently and what they do exactly the same – horrifyingly, the same

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Tornante, Indeed

There are young people who don’t know a world without color television, remote controls, digital cable, the Internet, high-speed data, personal computers, and so on. Prensky argues that these younger people “think and process information fundamentally differently from their predecessors,” because they were born into the Digital World and are native speakers of its inherent language…. She said the Old Media had Attention Deficit Disorder, covering flashy stories and then quickly moving on. She spoke about new forms of journalism that shattered the old model of the men and women covering political campaigns “on the bus,” spouting conventional wisdom while caught in the echo chamber.

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Sing a Final Song for The Sopranos

Well, television is almost without exception created by committee and as a show develops, creative decisions have to by run by the studio and the network brass, who have a tendency to file away the sharp edges and complexities until the final product is soft and shapeless.

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Hip-Hop for the Long Haul

I must confess, I’m a big fan of West’s, both musically and lyrically, but my real beef with Fifty isn’t the violent or misogynistic lyrics, the ridiculous series of publicity fights he has picked with other rappers or the criminal background and thuggish ways.  It’s that he’s not as interesting as Kanye West….

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