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On Italian TV Show, Wine Gets in the Act

Move over Duff beer: a red wine called “without bitterness” with a small part in a successful sitcom found a producer and debuts this week at Italy’s premier wine fair, Vinitaly. It first had a fictional cameo on “I Cesaroni,” (The Cesaronis) a prime-time show airing on former Premier Silvio

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Italy’s Last Minute Market

You’d think with the bounty of Italian cuisine, there would be plenty of re-distribution of food-wealth: not so. It’s estimated that 450 thousand tons of food goes to waste every year in Italian supermarkets. Until recently, it wasn’t legal to do anything but trash it…

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Silvio Berlusconi’s Candidate Kit

Whatever you make of his policies, spray-on hair or off-the-cuff remarks, Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi has a killer knack for marketing.
To better help candidates in his new People of Freedom party in mid-April elections, he’s prepared a handy “candidate kit” it contains T-shirts, buttons, sample speeches — and info how to discredit the competition.

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Italian Cardinal Takes Catechism to YouTube

Milanese have their own way of doing things, usually way ahead of the curve whether its fashion, design or religion. Yes, religion. Local Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi has become a YouTube star in a series of Lent-related posts. More from Milan’s video pulpit…

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Giving Up Bottled Water For Lent

Italians love bottled water — it’s an estimated 3.2 billion euro a year business — but one courageous priest has asked parishioners to give up the San Pellegrino, at least for Lent. It’s something like “carbon fasting” but goes down a lot easier…

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Milan Crowdsources the Catwalk

Milan’s first public catwalk offered even average Giovannis a Right Said Fred moment. Last Friday night in the heart of this business-like city — the stock exchange — anyone could strut their stuff on a runway. Out of fashion but on the runway… Called “Out of Fashion” (fuorimoda) it was

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