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Milan’s Mobile Mosque

Milan city officials are grappling with a mosque so overgrown that hundreds of Muslims kneel on sidewalks to pray. The solution is igniting a game of NIMBY hot-potato as neighborhoods and politicians move services from one spot to another. Last Friday, the ‘mobile mosque’ was around the corner from my

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Italian Stallions Plagued By Size, Performance Anxiety

Italian doctors who recently ran a free hot line and website for macho men in crisis weren’t expecting the avalanche of traffic — 15,000 calls and a million web pages viewed in about a month. Italian stallions evidently aren’t so hot to trot as tourist legend would have it. Young

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What’s in a (Baby) Name?

Italians are now back to doling out grandparent’s names or those of patron saints to the few precious bambini they’re having after a wave of Sue Ellens, Naomis and Kevins, according to a recent data from National Statistics Bureau ISTAT. Back on Italy’s baby-name hit list are classics like Francesco,

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Italy’s “Pimped” Premier

Italy’s Premier Silvio Berlusconi has wasted no time during his second tenure getting the press to notice him. It does seem unfortunate that he mostly seems to do this by buffoonery, rather than policy. Among the more serious charges: running what must be an awfully threadbare casting couch. Phone taps

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Italians say “si” to e-quitting

Italy, a nation the constitution declares “founded on work,” has the some of the most rigid labor laws in Europe.
It’s hard to get hired. It’s nearly impossible to get fired. Getting into or out of a job often means a trip to lawyers.
That may change with a new law requiring electronic communications to fire or quit jobs.

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Milan Seeks “Positive” Fashion Models

Freshman fashion house Premoli, best known for sticking relatively thin models in tubs of spaghetti, is casting about for human-sized mannequins once again. Milanese designing duo Dario Di Bella and Giovanni Premoli, whose handsome youthful faces and carefully-waxed brows smile knowingly from the press kit, announced a new crusade for

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