Deborah Klosky

Loving Your Inner Turkey, and Stuffing

And there’s the standard advice on how to eat an apple and then stick your head under a fire hydrant to suck down enough water before you go to a party so you can just happily nibble on a carrot stick all night…. What’s also gotten press lately is this book, “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think,” that tells you about the unconscious signals that make you eat more or less, the idea being that if you just, say, reduce your plate size you’ll eat less without realizing it (it seems to get into better examples than that).

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Seaweed in Your Shirt?

You might wonder why you would want to put seaweed in your exercise wear. Personally I associate seaweed with being wet and slimy, and maybe rotting on the beach, not something you really want to have with exercise clothes.

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Tainted Toys for Tots

A child’s toy made up of little beads that release the “date rape” drug if swallowed? Gee, that strikes me as a bit dangerous. Anyone else want to join me in whittling their kids’ Christmas and Hanukah gifts this year?

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Scary Tales

Halloween’s over for another year, and I hope no one was too frightened. But if you really want to scare an adult, let’s talk about a truly terrifying subject: family finances.

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Fire and Rain

There’s an idea held by some intellectuals, word mavens and Brits that Americans don’t know the meaning of irony, that we overuse it to describe situations that are instead surprising, unfortunate, ridiculous, or something, but not ironic. Unfortunately, not falling into any of the expert categories, I can’t provide guidance

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Blue About Pink

I don’t think the four-year-old crowd has an opinion yet on who should wear pink, although skirts and truck t-shirts are probably already labeled. Adults, of course, are fully opinionated.

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