Deborah Klosky

Minivans Were Us

What shocks me is the declining popularity of minivans. What does this mean? That my fellow tribesmen, the mommies, I mean Mommies (always capitalized, please), are giving up their identities? What’s next – no more Mom jeans?

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Seinfeld Versus the iPhone

Seinfeld sprang in part from the whole noble, European café-inspired, American diner-adapted history of sitting around shooting the breeze, a tradition that is in grave danger thanks to the iPhone and its rapidly developing competitors.

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Love, Franco- or American-Style

This is a man who, just a few months into a new job heading up a major European nation, finds the time to publicly and enthusiastically conduct a new romance.And Sarkozy was so enthusiastic about the whole thing that he and Italian singer, former model, monogamy-detractor Carla Bruni even got themselves hitched this past weekend.

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Serve It Up Cold

It’s the fantasy of everyone who’s dealt with an insurance company: What do you mean you’re denying my claim? I’m a U.S. Senator. I’m getting my whole committee to pass laws and beat up on you and everyone who looks like you.

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Review: An Uncertain Inheritance

After reading Uncertain Inheritance, An: Writers on Caring for Family it’s clear there are a few things we should probably all have lined up, just in case, to make it easier to deal with serious illness: 1. Lots of money. 2. Lots of competent, loving family members and/or friends. 3.

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Nurturing Creativity

Is grown-up art really continuing an unrecognized conversation with our parents? Certainly artists and critics – and therapists – can point to childhood influences in painting and music and writing, but perhaps it’s even more basic than that.

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