Deborah Klosky

Exercise Time

MCM: You must be referring to a new exercise program that has been quite heavily publicized recently. It is indeed for a game console called, not pee-pee, but named apparently after that very same bodily function.

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Security Mom

Naming a pregnant woman to head the most stereotypically male of departments drew notice, good and bad. Pictures of Chacón reviewing troops just after being named, or hauling herself and her belly to Afghanistan to visit Spanish troops there are an exercise in retraining the eye, whether you welcome that change or not. Chacón is Spain’s first female defense minister and first minister of any department to give birth.

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A Mature Driver

I now drive like an old lady. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And not that we’re stereotyping. The thing is, you probably do too – drive like old folks that is. At least in the eyes of Spanish drivers.

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Calendar Moms

So it’s clear. Whether you look like you should be advertising for Victoria’s Secret or as one of Dove’s “Real Women,” there’s only one thing for a gal to do if she wants cash for a good cause – strip down and start shooting.

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The Selection Process

What’s another relationship test? Bringing the date to meet the family. That’s just like a press conference – bam, bam, bam, everyone’s shooting off questions and pictures. And so what if the candidate looks a little weak, unprepared or ignorant. Everyone can have a bad day, right?

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