Deborah Klosky

And Still About Sarah

Let’s get real, we’re talking about kids who now have no more than one degree of separation from U.S. presidents, whose mom, win or lose, can set up a nice trust fund from book royalties and speaking fees.

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Mommy Olympics

The Grocery Shopping Marathon: Parent must buy a week’s worth of groceries for a family – with a child or children in tow. Extra points awarded if you’re not too embarrassed by the performance to return the next week.

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Family Flights

Next time I won’t make such a big deal of flying alone with the kids. Compare it with, say, climbing Mount Everest without oxygen. Not a big deal.

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Movies of Value

Every so often your offspring will do something that’s wrong in a really basic way, like wiping their mouths on the tablecloth, and you wonder how they can even think of doing that. And yet, did you ever tell them not to wipe their mouths on the tablecloth?

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Take My Money, Please

There’s another bright spot – from our lousy dollar no less – for Americans who manage to scrape together the exorbitant airfare and take themselves and their drooping currency to Europe this summer: no way can anyone stereotype the average American tourist as arrogant these days.

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