Gopika Kaul

The Heat Is On

June was merciless and, so far, July is only marginally better. Parts of North India have witnessed the wrath of the mercury at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Residents of Varanasi, India’s temple city on the banks of the holy river, The Ganges, saw the hottest day last month, breaking a 10-year-record with 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The Silent Suffering Wife

Her story, barring the end, is similar to thousands of Indian women living in the U.K. and the U.S. Many of these women are married off at an early age to ostensibly suitable NRIs (Non Resident Indians) then find themselves completely alone and dependant on their husbands in an alien land, where they don’t have the right to work…. Non-government assistance agencies like the New York-based Sakhi (meaning “friend” in Hindi) have been started by women who’ve faced violence themselves, and which help others like them collect pieces of their lives and move on. The US, recognizing the problem, grants visas to such women to end their dependency on the husbands but yet, sadly, a lot of women don’t come forth, since getting such visas requires washing of dirty linen in public and proving the crime, which is often hard to do.

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Who Owns Yoga?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Yoga? The answer, I guess, would depend on where you live. For me, it used to conjure up images of Indian priests sitting in meditative poses. Not anymore.

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Txt 4 Taj

Bernard Weber, a Swiss man, set up the foundation, New Seven Wonders of the World (N7W) in May, 2001, as an extension of his efforts to save the Bamiyan Buddahs – giant statues carved into the Afghan cliffs that were destroyed by the Taliban…. It’s truly splendid and any picture of it, no matter how beautiful, does little justice to its glory of its architecture and its grounds, which really hit you as the sun sets and you stop to admire its grandeur.

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Another Endangered Roadside Attraction

Delhi without street food is like New York without falafel carts: uncharacteristic and bland. Roadside food was an integral part of my broke college days in the city – one could step off campus and get an affordable on-the-go meal, which was more delicious than the food you got in many restaurants.

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Tribe V. Tribe

What’s the dispute? The Indian version of affirmative action, a complicated political and economic problem.

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