Gopika Kaul

Grown in India, Eaten in Paris

If you walk into a clothing store in the US and see the label on a shirt, chances are you’ll find a “made in India” tag, and it won’t surprise you.If you walk into the cold foods section in Trader Joe’s or Costco and pick up a block of mozzarella cheese, you probably think it came from Italy – or Wisconsin. There’s a good chance, however, that it too was made in India.

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The World’s Cheapest Car

Indian roads are not for the faint hearted. To drive through any of the nation’s cities in peak traffic, you must have nerves of steel, a loud horn and no shyness about using it. If you are one of the millions riding those roads on a two-wheel scooter of motorcycle, you’ll need more than just nerves. You’ll need good luck too.

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No Stopping India Inc

India Inc. – as the loose affiliation of Delhi and Mumbai-based multi-national corporations is known – has been on such a buying spree that news about this proposed acquisition was received with a jaded oh-yet-another-global-takeover kind of response, nothing extraordinary about that
Except, if you stop and think about it, it is quite extraordinary.

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A U.S. Export: School Shootings

On December 11th, two grade eight students in India made history, for the wrong reasons. They shot dead, in cold blood, a fellow classmate in an elite school, located in Gurgaon – an Information technology hub on the outskirts of New Delhi, home to multinationals, call centers and million dollar penthouses. It was the first ever school shoot-out in India.

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Love Thy Parents – Or Else

When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – former Miss Universe, Indian star, and a Hollywood actress – was interviewed by David Letterman in February 2005, one of the questions she was asked, was why she continued to live with her parents. For adult Americans, this seemed to be an alien concept.

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A Childhood Reclaimed

In India, if you are poor and illiterate, the odds are pretty much stacked against you. And if, added to this, you are a young girl living in an obscure village, it’s possibly worse.

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