Jeanne Jackson

All In Favor Say, “Oy”

I will join your club, support your cause, volunteer to man your booth; but please, for the love of all you hold sacred, don’t make me come to a meeting. Theoretically, having a meeting seems like a good idea: gather together all the players into one room so everyone knows

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Shut Up and Drive

I was blithely driving down the interstate one day when, looking ahead as I topped a hill, I noticed a line of cars stretching a half mile long in the right hand lane behind an exceptionally slow-moving vehicle. They were stuck there, the poor saps, because those of us who

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Mea Culpa

I was seven years old when a nun told me that any sins I didn’t admit to in confession I would have to reveal at the end of the world to everyone who ever existed. Everyone. My parents would be there, my teachers, my brothers, The Pope – every Pope

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A Brief Moment of Smug

It is not often that I get to gloat. I mean, it’s not often that I get to gloat about something I, personally, accomplished. I can’t gloat over Heir 2 graduating next month with a grade point average over 4.2 or that he will attend Roanoke College on an academic

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Everything New Is Old Again

Since the economy tanked, most Americans are so over buying Stuff. In fact, just talk to anyone: They never were into buying Stuff. They know other people who were into buying Stuff – usually an in-law; but they were always frugal and thrifty. Those others were the ones who led

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Expert Witless

My name is Jeanne Jackson and I’m an expert. An expert at what? I don’t know yet. Give me a few months. Okay, so maybe it takes a little longer to become an expert at something. But apparently it doesn’t take as long as it used to. I suppose I

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