Jeanne Jackson

Rules of Tourism

Since we are in the thick of vacation season and as a sort of public service, I think it’s time we review some of the more important rules of etiquette as it applies to both being a tourist and receiving tourists in your general area. I say this because it

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Will He Ever Just Beat It?

Is it over? Can I come out now? I mean, I poked my head up last week at this time and was incredulous to the fact that it was still going on. Meanwhile, friends and family have been haranguing me as to whether I was going to address the issue.

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Speed Reading

Are you reading this? Good for you! It’s a dying art – or so it seems. It is with a certain amount of sadness that I’ve watched the demise of long-standing newspapers of record this past spring. One of the papers for which I wrote printed its last issue two

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Starving the Future

Shortly before my son’s high school graduation, our family’s attendance was required as yet another end-of-the-school-year awards “banquet.” I put the word “banquet” in quotes merely because a banquet conjures visions of feasting and reveling, perhaps a boisterous song or two and maybe even serving wenches. It does not speak

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Texting For Dollars

Who am I to criticize someone who has won $50,000? That’s what I keep telling myself about 15-year-old Kate Moore winning the LG U.S. National Texting Championship. I mean, really. What has anyone around here won lately? Actually, my first thought was, “They compete over that?” followed by “Why do

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Right and (Self) Righteous

Are there still some people out there that missed the memo about the devaluation of property values due to the housing market bust? I mean, are there really some people who didn’t know that when housing market busts, it affects everyone‘s housing prices – not just the people of which

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