Matt Holt

Guiliani v. Moore: Mixedup Matchup

Being a health care pundit has long been a quiet job. No more, thanks to the attention that the nation’s ailing health care system is getting from presidential candidates. The comments, ideas, suggestions and plans are coming from all sides. But not all ideas have equal merit.

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Don’t Blame The VA

There is room for a great mix of delivery solutions in the future of a fair and high-quality health care system. Right now we have neither.

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It’s A Sicko World

There’s so much wrong with Michael Moore’s Sicko that it’s embarrassing, especially for a health care pundit, to reveal the emotional punch it gives you. You know that your head is being bowled over by your heart, and you also know that it’s very, very cleverly done.

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Not Sicko: iPhone iHealth

In some strange working of the zeitgeist, Sicko is getting hyped and somehow linked in my mind at least, with the other big release of the summer. I’m talking of course about the Apple iPhone.

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Not Too High on The Hog

I am doing exactly what I accuse free marketeers of doing, and deliberately so. What I did was to pose questions that can’t be rationally answered without going down endless rabbit holes seeking data to prove a point that can’t be proved. That they’ll head down these rabbit holes shows that the free-marketeers’ argument is ridiculous.

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