Matt Holt

Last of the Old Solutions?

This week California sort of passed a health reform bill..assuming that this proposal becomes law, it’s not clear that what’s been approved gets California very far. If the goal is universal coverage, the pay-or-play system in which employers have to offer coverage sounds good – as well as familiar – but it doesn’t really get us there.

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President Obama’s Health Care Head-Fake

It’s a perplexing time to be a liberal. You’d think that new arrival, and foreign policy lefty, Obama would be jumping all over that individual mandate position of Clinton’s. And he is. Just not from the side you’d think

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Taking Out The Trash-Talk

Efforts to reform the U.S. health care system will founder on the free-marketeers’ devotion to faulty statistics, unsound analysis and, well, lying. It’s not a new problem. But it’s one that’s increasingly difficult to combat.

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Meanwhile since we spent yesterday

Meanwhile since we spent yesterday talking about intellectual leger de main from Manhattan (from which David Gratzer is bravely not backing down!), the Wall Street Journal just ran perhaps the biggest piece of intellectual rubbish seen in some time based on a study by fraudster economist Benjamin Zycher who also hangs his

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Health Plans Behaving Badly

Several of the same health plans have been busted by the agency that oversees them, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) fraudulently marketing these Medicare plans to seniors by doing things like telling them that there were no premiums when there were, telling them that they didn’t need to change doctors when they did, and saying that various procedures which Medicare covered were also covered under these plans when they weren’t

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The Garden Hose Health Care Brigade

Democrats main chance of taking back the White House and keeping the Congress rests on people’s belief that they are better for domestic policy, particularly health care. Which is why the Republicans are playing to the gallery and decrying all things French (except wine, cheese, and in the case of Mrs. Rudolph Giuliani, handbags).

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