Matt Holt

Half a Plan Isn’t Half a Loaf

Given that he’s the presumptive Republican nominee, it’s time to look at what would happen if Sen. John McCain won the election and the Republicans took Congress and they passed the plan that he’s proposed. Of course, the good news is that what I’m about to describe is purely theoretical. Which in the case of the McCain program is a good thing

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Health Care Jungle

McCain’s proxies were Douglas Holtz-Eakin, sensible former director of the Congressional Budget Office, a usually fair-minded group of bean counters, and Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, apparently on the shortlist for the vice presidency.

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Ghost in the Attack Machine

This type of attack is really about is stopping any real health care reform. Why? There are plenty of players in the current health care system who make a very nice living today and do not want to change that. They include insurers, pharmaceutical and device companies, most hospitals, many doctors and virtually anyone involved in the current system and the long-term logical outcome of the reform in the Clinton and Obama plans reduces the over-use of devices, drugs, procedures, and services that’s rampant in the current system.

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Style, Sadly, Trumps Substance

If you look at their health care plans, the plans for Iraq, or much anything else, there’s not much difference between the main Democratic contenders. For that matter there’s not much difference between the main Republicans. This means that we voters spend the vast majority of the political season concentrating on personality differences.

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Just Saying “No”

John Edwards has spent the last few days laying into insurance company, Cigna, for its failure to immediately approve a liver transplant for a very sick California teenager. Their reasoning, and it was quite a rational reason, was that the operation would be futile.

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A Californian Crystal Ball

Health care concerns have figured in many of the conversation the U.S. political press has had – or overheard – with Iowa Caucus voters, it’s been a wild holiday season for California’s health care system, much of which will have a big impact on what type of health care reform legislation will eventual come to national attention.

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