It’s Hard Being Right All The Time

It’s probably not exactly the story he’d like but it probably did Frank Quattrone a lot of good to see his work – his years of hard work in Silicon Valley – finally acknowledged by The New York Times on the day he’s taking the witness stand in his obstruction of justice trial. Frank is a great witness – he’s not so good on defense – but this piece will play to his strengths.
Playing catch-up (sorry boys) Mr. Sorkin and Mr. Thomas, pulled together the Google IPO and Quattrone in one story. Damn. Where, oh where, do you think they got that idea. Sorkin and Thomas offer a view from New York and they use the term digerati – a word once applied to the Times’ main man here in San Francisco – but it gives a glimpse of Quattrone’s success wresting financial control away from New York banks for his geeky brethren. It can only please Quattrone that the banks he once led still follow his lead. I sorta know how he feels.
UPDATE: For me, the term “digerati” is somewhat dated. But, it seems, Markoff himself coined it so it’s only appropriate that he gets to wear it too. Today’s theme: It’s not being right that’s hard. It’s being right all the time.