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A lot has been made about comedian’s – white comedians – inability to make fun of Barack Obama. That’s just silly. And a little dated because, of course, the best Obama parody is on-line.

Here’s a link to a page that will show you nothing but all the good and worthy thing Obama is capable of doing – or has done – just for you. ’cause you need his help. Naturally, there’s a book to to along with the fun that’s available on-line as well.

Barack Obama: Too darn perfect not to ridicule his perfection.

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The meeting of pop culture and politics is often funny. Just ask Jon Stewart.

Better yet, check out this contest from the folks at HollywoodNewsroom. They’re pretty sure there’s a photo of a naked Sarah Palin – Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential pick – out there. Somewhere. And if there’s not, they’re happy to encourage someone to create one.

For getting down to brass tacks – and then some – HollywoodNewroom’s is today’s er, HotSpot.

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The Olympic Games open today in Beijing but at least one American athlete won’t be there. Joey Cheek, a gold medal winner in the winter sport of speed skating, has been dis-invited by the Chinese. Why? Cheek is part of an effort, Team Darfur, designed to call attention to the plight of refugees in that nation.

Well, the Chinese sure know their PR. That’s why Team Darfur’s site out here on the web and in there on Facebook are today’s Hotspots.

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We can’t take credit for this. It’s not like he’s running a major American newspaper or anything. But Spot-on’s Facebook Field organizer Greg Dewar has just gotten a head-turn award for his San Francisco blog.

The N Judah Chronicles, Greg’s take on San Francisco’s muni system – that’s how we get up and down the hills, when it works as it should which as Greg will tell you is not as often as he and lots of others would like – has been rated “Best Local Blog” by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. We agree! It’s today’s HotSpot.

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Before Sen. Clinton stepped aside, there was a lot of heated talk about this year’s Democratic Convention being just like Chicago in 1968. It was a little bit of wishful thinking – floor fight! floor fight! – but also a reminder of just how contentious the gathering was, in and outside the hall.

Well, Pacifica Radio, a place where the ’60′s ain’t gonna die, has set up a site to remind us about all the fun. It’s today’s HotSpot just in case you wanna draw some comparisons of your own.

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There’s something about the Internet that makes people want to organize everything.

That’s one way to explain the very helpful list complied by Harry Knopp. He’s put together a website listing all of the news outlets in the state with an eye toward replicating the service that Matt Drudge provides, and dubbed it the California Media Guide.

It’s the seventh such effort by Knopp and his USAMediaGuide and it’s today’s HotSpot.

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Technology and politics is getting a better name for itself all the time. The two go together like, oh, chocolate and peanutbutter.

That’s why there’s no shortage of ideas about how to use today’s tools for tomorrow’s ends. Today’s HotSpot offers a look at a bunch of those ideas and suggestions compiled in Rebooting America, a collection of essays by folks who work with for and alongside the Personal Democracy Forum in its efforts to get politicians to embrace the web.

Edited by the wonderful Allison H. Fine, you can buy a copy here.

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Spot-on’s getting a little, well, actually a lot, tired of reading about our own Christopher Brauchli’s son.

But today the folks at have offered up an excuse to link to yet another mention of Marcus Brauchli’s being named executive editor of The Washington Post, Slate’s mothership. It’s a link to Marcus uttering his own name. And his boss getting it wrong.

How do you pronounce “Brauchli”? Well, they’re Swiss so it’s kinda German, not Italian. But listen to today’s HotSpot and learn.

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Come along, let’s all get wonky.

Okay, so maybe you don’t have the overwhelming need to read the latest from Mathematica Policy Research and the Aspen Institute. Then again, maybe you do. For you – and your curiosity – the Internet as employed by the Center for Government Studies, a nonprofit working to create better public policy, is here to help.

CGS has created an archive of public policy documents with the simple name, Policy Archive. And while it maybe dull, you never know when you’re going to need to need thorough background in a topic only a wonk could love.

Data. Info. Background. Whatever you wanna call it. It’s today’s HotSpot.

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We here at Spot-on will happily confess to really liking paper. It’s why we have this funky typewriter typeface.

And now, we have company on the web. Take a look at Kiosko, a Spanish site that offers up news from around the world taking advantages of that good old-fashioned newsstand format.

Why paper? Something tell us the folks at Kiosko would say that what goes on the front page of a major daily tell you a lot about what that paper’s readers think important. See the world – on a screen. It’s today’s HotSpot.

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