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Curiouser and Curiouser


Michelle Malkin picked up on the strange case of Claude Allen and his twin brother Floyd, and asked my thoughts on it. For the record, my prior experience with Allen is recounted here. My thoughts, as e-mailed to Malkin, below:

My first reaction is that this can’t possibly get any more strange.

My second reaction is that for all the derision it attracts, the “evil twin” thesis might have something to it. I’ve known Claude (purely in a professional capacity) since late 2001. Having now corresponded with people who have known him since the 1984 Helms campaign, I’m fairly sure that my impression of him — upright, forthright, intelligent, and moral — is the norm. It’s possible, of course, that he was nonetheless shoplifting — it wouldn’t be the first dramatic character break in history. On the other hand, let’s say it was [Claude's twin brother] Floyd stealing from Target. Let’s further recognize that Maryland [where the alleged crimes took place] has had a “three strikes” criminal sentencing law since 1994. Might Claude be taking the rap to save Floyd from his third strike? This, unlike the shoplifting, would be eminently in keeping with Claude’s public character.

The question is whether MD’s three strikes law applies to non-violent offenses. I’m having problems finding info on that one.

So that’s the question, readers: what are the details of Maryland’s “three strikes” law? Would they even apply in this sort of situation? Admittedly, a bit of a stretch. But there are two things one should never forget in these stories: Don’t underestimate the strength of family ties. And don’t discount the weird.

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