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In the Bag


San Francisco has an enduring homeless problem, erratic public transport, a grandstanding mayor, and serious issues with drugs and crime. Therefore, the city of San Francisco has decided to do what it can to make the city a better place to live: eliminate the plastic bag. Never mind the enduring utility of the plastic bag. It can be used over and over; it is sterile; it compacts nicely; it’s great for pet owners; it’s a wonderful trash can liner; and sweating containers of cold soda or milk don’t burst through at odd moments. This is all irrelevant to the city administration, which has decided that the average lives – and choices – of the citizenry are for naught set against notions of overflowing landfill and marginal threats to marine life.

So San Franciscans must learn to live without double-bagging for heavy grocery items – and whatever other inconvenience the stores must dream up as they seek to fulfill the city-imposed goal, apparently arbitrary, of 10 million fewer plastic bags handed out by the end of 2006. It’s a minor inconvenience, to be sure: but the idea that the city administration feels free to impose it is a major problem. One supposes that in a sane world, the citizens would ignore this manner of interference. This, though, is San Francisco, where the firm hand of the Leader is sought and beloved:

I think it’s really important for the government to get involved on this daily level of people’s lives,” said [Toronto transplant Jamie Kim, 28, had only been living in San Francisco for a day]. “If it’s citywide, people will react as a community. People shy away from being titled as a ‘green person,” but if it’s something we have to do, it’s different.“

Thus it is, plastic bag by plastic bag, we march together toward Camelot by the Bay.

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