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The Extremist


How wonderful it is to be wrong.

Instead of serving up another cryptic softball whom conservatives would have to interpret, or another minion whom conservatives would have to reject, the President finally got around to fulfilling his campaign promise and nominated a man so much like Antonin Scalia that his very nickname is “Scalito.” Samuel A. Alito Jr. is, at first glance, exactly what we were promised.

His recommendations speak for themselves: He was on the right side in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. The National Organization of Women hates him. He has a long history of Constitutional involvement and accomplishment. His legal peers respect him and think he’s well to the Right. The result? Key members of the Gang of 14 are willing to go to the wall for him. (Which rather nicely confirms my own view of their infamous deal some months back.)

What more could we, as conservatives, want? It’s true that Arlen Specter’s comfort with the nominee over Griswold sets off alarm bells. But we cannot let that eclipse the overwhelming evidence of the Alito record. Let’s say what we’ve wanted to say for years: at last, the President has delivered.

There are two things above all others that will constitute President Bush’s legacy: the war and the Supreme Court of the United States. Now it’s time to see that glass half-full. Now it’s time to fight for him – and for Samuel Alito.

Make no mistake: the Democrats and the Left will oppose this man with everything they’ve got. And they’ll do it for the most dishonest of reasons, with the claim that Alito is too much of an “extremist.” Harry Reid, disappointed that his keen eye for incompetence has been spurned this time around, is already testing out the theme; and Howard Dean’s DNC is also on the case. Particularly noteworthy in its stupidity is the claim that Alito, the son of an Italian immigrant, is “hostile to immigrants.” But then, there’s little the left won’t stoop to now. They oppose for opposition’s sake, and in doing so, violate the very conventions of Constitutional process that have accreted about these nominations.

The Nation‘s David Corn forthrightly admits as much: everyone knows that Alito is qualified to sit on the highest court in the land. In their opposition, the Democrats are left with the simple rationale that he may disagree with them.

Disagreement with the Senate Democrats: that’s “extremism.”

“Extremist” is, of course, primarily code for “pro-life.” In the Democratic universe, a position held by up to half of Americans (depending on which numbers you look at) and the national majority party is “extreme.” So be it: let them go as far as they wish down this road. Will it defeat Sam Alito? Not likely.

There’s a long road ahead. But the crucial first step is taken. The rest is up to us.

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