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From the Government, and Having Harmed, Here to Help


Tax credits for rebuilding is okay. Urban homesteading is okay. The rest of the President’s address from New Orleans? Everything one has come to fear within the past five years.
What, then, did we learn from President Bush this evening?

  • The Republican Party has come full circle from, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem,” to an acceptance of the primacy of government responsibility for all things.

  • We will ignore the deadly lessons of having established a major city at water’s edge below sea level in the name of a vapid resolution to rebuild.
  • The Federal government cannot run an evacuation and relief effort properly, but it does a magnificent job of televised stage-setting in a disaster area.
  • The hallmark of a successful recovery effort is the extension of the state’s noodly appendages to the American refugee diaspora. Indeed, thank the Lord that the good people of New Orleans are now within reach of the Departments Health and Human Services and Labor, the Social Security Administration, and the Postal Service.
  • The “compassion and resolve of our nation” are amply demonstrated by a whopping huge expenditure of your tax money. Or the money of whomever is financing the deficit these days.
  • The Federal government ought to reimburse states for providing state services to people within those very states.
  • The Federal government ought to reimburse cities, towns and counties for providing city, town and county services to people within those very cities, towns and counties.
  • Among the proper roles of national government: provision of mobile homes, trailers, and physicians.
  • Despite its having botched its own efforts, aggressively stymied those of others, and incompetently asserted its considerable power in the opening days of the catastrophe, the lesson of New Orleans is that we need “greater federal authority” for future such events.
  • The Federal government is abandoning the primacy of the civil disaster-response mechanisms that generally served us well in the past, in favor of a purely illusory conception of the military as somehow inherently more efficient, swift, and effective.
  • How apt that we thus begin the rebuilding of a metropolis on muck.

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