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Hillary’s Stalwart Base of One


I’m on the record predicting John Edwards will be the eventual nominee as the Democrat candidate for president. I stand by my pick, even as the focus of attention sharpens on the supposed feud between senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

In fact, I take as further proof of my wisdom the jabs that a growing number of influential media critics are throwing at the media-created brouhaha. And by a growing number I mean at least two men – but men who count when it comes to bursting the bubble of Big Media expectations: fake news anchor Jon Stewart and grumpy radio talk host Don Imus.

It’s just a matter of time before the superstar front-runner the media pundits created gets devoured by that same monster.

And speaking of monsters, one has to wonder how deep Sen. Clinton’s support really is. Almost since her fellow senator, John Kerry, lost in the 2004 elections, all the talk had been about how the ’08 nomination was Hillary’s to lose.

Today Senator Clinton can cross the globe, drop in on troops in Iraq, come home and deliver a foreign policy speech on America’s situation in the Middle East only to be upstaged by Senator Obama’s unremarkable contributions to a routine committee meeting.

Political strategists will tell you that, in difficult times, it is important to play to one’s base. Rally support among the loyal core and build from there, reaching out across political and ideological lines an cobble together a winning coalition. So while the socially uberconscious switch allegiances, at least Clinton can count on the unwavering support of her stalwart base of one.

Bob Kunst.

Mr. Kunst, a Miami-based gay rights activist with too much time on his hands, is president of and political dynamo nonpariel.

By his own account, according to an email sent to me by Mr. Kunst, “Kunst and have been the leading activist support group pushing Hillary to run since Aug. 2003, with going to 142 cities, doing 850 news interviews and 4 t.v. ads, and resulting in Hillary raising $46millions and a landslide re-election in N.Y. for U.S. Senate….plus 3 years ahead on electing the first woman president.

With those results, one has to envy the considerable skills and power that Kunst brings to a potential and increasingly likely Hillary Clinton campaign team.

In addition, Mr. Kunst said that on November 17, 2006 he submitted a “sizzling” plan to Hillary and former President Bill Clinton that he believes is playing a role in Ms. Clinton’s political decision-making process. He’s currently “waiting to hear from the Clintons on this campaign to address issues, and support and raise the monies.”

Mr. Kunst is a patient man, I gather.

With all that he brings to bear on behalf of a potential Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy, one has to wonder why Clinton’s shrewd team of advisors would eschew the aide of Mr. Kunst? According to New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor, Clinton’s political brain trust is giving Mr. Kunst an inexplicably cold shoulder.

I suspect that, as she watches while the rest of her once devoted bloc of support melts away, Hillary will eventually come around.

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