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Kerry Plays Mortician to Angelides Campaign


When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hits the “campaign” trail, he’s flanked by the State’s most powerful Democrats – Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and Los Angeles luminaries like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilwoman Wendy Greuel – his rival, real estate developer Phil Angelides was playing to and empty house in West Hollywood.

That’s the town where I live – and it’s just about the bluest of blue cities in the country. Republican registration is just about 10 percent and no one can remember the last time any Republican was elected to any office from the City.

In the heat of the campaign, Angelides traveled to such friendly territory to throw his Hail-Mary pass – linking Schwarzenegger to the unpopular President George W. Bush. But it was more of a “fail-Mary” pass – barely reaching the line of scrimmage.

As Rolling Stone pointed out, Angelides joint appearance with Senator John Kerry before a “half-empty gym in West Hollywood” was, “just sad.”

Well, no “gym” in West Hollywood is ever half-empty – period.

The actual Kerry event, we’re told, was held in the West Hollywood Park Auditorium – which regularly draws plenty of local residents to planning commission meetings. Interestingly, the Los Angeles Unified School District banned the Schwarzenegger bill signing from their property because it was a “political event,” – one of course, overhauling the school district’s administration – so we have to ask why the City of West Hollywood allowed Kerry and Angelides to campaign on our public property.

Actually, what is, “just sad,” is Angelides’ standing in the latest poll reported by political blogger Robert Salladay.

Democrats are not only not excited about Phil Angelides, many local activists tell me they’re not going to vote for him – under any circumstances whatsoever. It’s starting to feel like the rout is on. Angelides is so far behind in public perception of the race that just discussing California’s gubernatorial race is piling on.

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