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Angelides Finds a Fan Base


Who would have thought that an election with a famous Hollywood action hero seeking the highest office in the nation’s most populated State could be a snoozer? However, just days after the respected Rothenberg Report moved California’s gubernatorial race to “safe,” the Sacramento press corps is doing whatever it can to make the contest between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and state Treasurer Phil Angelides interesting again.

By the end of the week, it became clear that journalistic standards were less important than subscription sales…and California’s political press threw out any pretense of balance in favor of trying to make the phrase “Governor Phil Angelides” seem plausible to anyone but the most die-hard partisan Democrats.

On Wednesday, the Angelides Campaign released it’s highly dubious revenue and economic plan.

The press release from Angelides’ campaign touted the economic “plan” which claims to, “tax relief for more than 4 million middle class California families.”

Practically without blinking an eye, the state’s major newspapers regurgitated the press release back to their readers…

Angelides Proposes Tax Cuts, read the Los Angeles Times

Angelides calls for middle class tax reduction, read the SacBee

And it took the Mercury News two writers to come up with this one: Angelides Proposes Tax Cuts

Did George Bush get such treatment in 2000? I’d bet a look at the archives would show headlines claiming “Bush Tax Cuts Would Benkrupt Nation”!

Today, the press turned its focus to Governor Schwarzenegger. Apparently, the conservative right is unhappy and may be willing to cost him the election by staying home. Or so the press wishes.

How else would the same story appear in both the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times? It’s borderline intellectually-dishonest for Michael Finnegan to suggest that Schwarzenegger’s “stands on illegal immigration, the state’s swelling debt, gay rights and other matters” – all issues where the Governor is reflecting the mainstream political beliefs of Californians – could cost him the election.

Maybe it’s summer and the headline writers are on mental vacation, but it sure feels like Angelides has finally found a constituency in California politics which wants him to be competitive in this race: The Sacramento press corps.

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