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The GOP’s New Open Borders Crowd


There’s a new “open-borders” crowd in Washington these days—and ironically, it’s the same people who are trying to score political points by beating the anti-immigration drum.
This week, both the House and Senate began “hearings” across America on the issue of illegal immigration. Rather than sit down and talk to each other and work on a compromise to secure America’s borders and address the plight of immigrants already in the United States, these hearings amount to little more than show trials as each chamber of Congress trots out the people who will say what they want to hear.
The House panel met in San Diego and trotted out border patrol agents and local law enforcement agents talking about “threats” and “terrorism” along the border in order to make the case for their enforcement-only proposal.
The United States Senate, for their part, brought out New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to ask the practical questions about those immigrants already here…like how do you plan to deport them and who, then, do you plan to do your dishes?
Basically, the hearings being staged across the country are accomplishing nothing other than to harden the views of each chamber—and delay the start of negotiations between the House and the Senate.
For once, the Democratic Party got it right, pointing out that delaying a deal between the House and the Senate is the ultimate act of support for “Open Borders”.
If, as House Republicans suggest, there is a crisis along America’s borders which threatens our very being how can we wait around one day, let alone two months, before taking action to fix it?!?

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