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Schwarzenegger Stem (Cells) Democrat Attack: Brilliant!


A funny thing happened on the way to the media circus known as California’s Gubernatorial race this week: Nothing.
It was supposed to be the week that Democrats went on the attack against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Trailing in just about every poll by double digits and with a Candidate who is less charismatic than your local mortician, Democrats were prepared to throw their Hail-Mary: link Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the unpopular President George Bush.
But the ads never ran, in a lucky stroke for Democrats, because President Bush handed Governor Schwarzenegger an issue on a silver platter…Stem Cell Research.
Just one day after President Bush vetoed his first bill…ever…which would have funded stem cell research on living, human embryos, Governor Schwarzenegger renewed his commitment to the cause announcing a loan from the General Fund of $150 million to the voter-approved California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.
As the guys in the Guinness Commercials would say…Brilliant!
Arnold has figured out how to gain the advantage on Phil Angelides six ways at the same time!
First, he’s reminding voters that he’s no George Bush—taking on the president on a highly controversial issue.
Second, he’s siding with a majority of Californians.
What’s more, he got Angelides’ Democrat primary opponent Steve Westly to issue a press release praising Governor Schwarzenegger.
In doing so, he has neutralized the Angelides’ camp only remaining viable strategy.
Furthermore, on the surface, having the Governor issue these loans makes it appear on the surface that the State Treasurer (Phil Angelides) is asleep at the wheel issuing the bonds to support the Stem Cell Institute…even if the facts don’t back this up, perception is stronger than reality…
And completing the six-pack, the move allows the State GOP to hold off on its advertising counter-offensive…saving funds for later in the election.

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