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The GOP’s Model Citizens…Almost


A family works its way out of poverty, travels long and far to find employment and struggles to keep their family together, all without seeking a dime of public assistance. Sounds like the model family for the Grand Old Party during debates over Welfare Reform, doesn’t it? But throw the word, “immigrant” into the mix and the same families are criminals.
Republicans tend to assume that because Latinos tend to be Democrats that they like all the other things Democrats like too—government handouts, higher taxes and liberal social agendas. But that’s just not true!
Consider this. A large number of immigrants who come to America are living in poverty in their homelands. They see a land of opportunity, and decide to chase the American dream. Rather than resort to public assistance (because generally, they cannot), they get jobs.
Immigrants to America work hard—two and sometimes three shifts a day—to make a living and support their families. Can’t you think of a few American citizens who had such a work ethic? This entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of Republican values…at least as I know them.
As others have noted, immigrants, by and large, are strong believers in “family values”… They have a lower divorce rate and spend more of their disposable income on their families than other parts of the population. Were we listening, they would have probably cheered Dan Quayle when he took on Murphy Brown instead of deriding him.
You’d think the Republican Party would embrace those who share its values, and vice versa. Immigrants, by and large, should be Republicans. But we don’t embrace them, and when the immigrants or their children become eligible to vote, they generally don’t join the party.
I don’t need to tell you that the same Republican xenophobia which led them to demagogue on the Dubai Ports deal is the same phenomenon which is pushing Immigrants away from the party. What I need to know—and maybe you can tell me—is why my party insists on alienating a whole group of people who agree with it!

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