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Immigration Reforms don’t Treat All Americans Equally


The past two days, students at Los Angeles schools have taken to the streets in impromptu “flash-mob” style demonstrations over the immigration legislation being considered in Washington. They’re just kids, and most of them, I would suspect are American citizens—but many of them have their families on the line in Washington, D.C. this week.
For these students, immigration reform is not about ditching class, it is about their families. While many of them may have been born here and are United States citizens, many Los Angeles teens have parents who are not. Whatever happens in Washington will determine the fate of these Americans’ families.
The United States Senate is considering a range of proposals on immigration starting today. With each bill that is introduced, there will be a number of amendments. Crossing the border illegally is already a crime, but should simply the act of being in the United States be a felony? Should we organize a mass-deportation program? Should employers be penalized for hiring illegal aliens? Should there be a guest-worker program and who gets priority?
For many United States Senators, these are policy questions. For the clergy, they are ethical questions. For the Chamber of Commerce, these are economic matters. Yet for those kids who marched onto a Southern California freeway—this is about their moms and their dads and whether there will be dinner on the table. Many are not illegal aliens, but they are American citizens whose lives will be touched by the outcome of Washington’s debate.
Call me a bleeding-heart Republican, but if we’re putting the interests of Americans first, maybe we want to think about those Americans whose parents and families may be torn apart when the U.S. Senate considers an Immigration Bill. Keeping families together should be a consideration in any bill. After all, they’re no less American than you or me.

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