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Intellectual Isolationism led to Dubai Surprise


It seems just a week ago, we were wondering why it took eighteen hours for the media to learn that the Vice President had shot a man. Now, thanks to the shock-and-awe of bipartisan furor over a Middle Eastern company’s efforts to buy a British company, we’ve all but forgotten, what was his name…Whittington? Like Cheney’s hunting accident, the media and Capitol Hill were “surprised” to learn of Dubai Ports World’s move to buy operations at six U.S. ports—but unlike the hunting accident, in the ports case, they have only themselves to blame.
We actually have the Veep’s hunting accident to blame for the Dubai Ports World contract going “under the radar”. As Barry Gordon points out, the deal was approved, and written up by the AP on February 12.
In fact, only one blogger links to the original Washington Post story. Heh.
It took five more days for anyone to criticize the White House’s role in the approval of the sale.
The proposed port operator is (rightfully) surprised at the reaction they’re getting—which has ranged from jingoism to commercial racism to claims that the Bush administration “secretly” approved the ports deal.
Funny, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on the bid for P&O back in early January, since the winner of the bidding war would become Australia’s largest port operator.
Anyone who looked for news from sources outside the U.S. mainstream press would have known that this was a big deal and that a decision would have to be made. If members of Congress hope to be leaders of a global superpower, don’t you think thay might pay attention to what’s going on beyond our borders?
The protectionists and xenophobes who are in an uproar over Dubai Ports World, however, have only their own intellectual isolationism and the myopia of the mainstream media to blame for their not “surprise” over this Ports “scandal”.

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