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Extra Taxiing will Tax LAX Travelers


As cities around the world ready their airports to accommodate the superjumbo Airbus A380 plane in 2007, the City of Los Angeles is giving in to pressure from airport neighbors to maintain LAX as a relic of the mid-twentieth century…handing a major gift to our neighbors in San Francisco.
Whilst Los Angeles dithers with the possibility of building two remote gates to handle all traffic from the 555-passenger A 380, San Francisco is already set to welcome the super-jumbo jet with at its shiny new International Terminal.
Officials at SFO are delighted to get any routes which would bring the A380 into town—and with Singapore Airlines as the first to receive delivery of the jet, you can bet they’ll be considering whether to continue providing their nonstop service to America’s West Coast via LAX.
If San Francisco succeeds in becoming the West Coast’s destination of choice for the A 380, the decision to ground plans for improvements at America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim amounts to a hidden NIMBY tax on Los Angeles travelers.
It may seem negligible when you’re buying an airline ticket, but each time you have to stop and change planes, some government body is going to reach into your pocket. Security fees and passenger facility charges amount to around $10 per stopover on domestic tickets—and in other countries these fees can be $50, $60 or more to land in Frankfurt Am Main, London Heathrow or other airports before connecting to your destination.
Multiply those nominal fees by 555 passengers several times a day, 365 days a year, and you’re taking a healthy chunk out of Los Angeles’ local economy and our visitors’ travel budgets.
But hey, the folks who can afford a beach house in Playa del Rey will be happy, and L.A. City has to maintain its priorities!

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