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Driven to Drink


Just about every time Spot-on ventures out to a conference or confab about 21st century American politics, we hear someone say online ads don’t “really” change voter sentiment.

Since online doesn’t “move the numbers” it’s often seen as an “extra” for a well-funded campaign. Or worse: a waste of time and money.

That’s when Team Spot-on starts thinking about the location of the nearest bar and its hours of operation.

You long-time readers will know there’s growing evidence that online does affect voter sentiment. And since – with reason – no campaign is willing to entirely forsake television advertising for online, polling data can’t accurately measure online ad performance separate from television.

But this is beside the point. One medium does not replace the other.

So let us take this opportunity to point you skeptics out there to some info collected this last cycle: Polling data from Global Strategies Group showing a lift in numbers for TV and online. Our own numbers showing a dramatic increase in site traffic during an online-only campaign in Los Angeles. And there’s this round up from ClickZ on the search for a GRP for online.

There’s also increasing frustration with the kinds of creative being developed for banners – one we share. This article in on the tech news site Mashable is a good overview. If you want the strictly political take, the NYTimes’ Matt Bai took a few shots at the “Internet” president and wondered why Obama hasn’t done a better job of engaging online.

For those of you more interested in numbers than art, let us suggest you check out the useful Google Analytics. This FREE online measurement tool can tell you what’s bringing visitors to a website, what they do once they arrive and how long they stay. And in this off year, you’ve got lots of time to play around with it!

Analytics users have chimed in with their own take on what works and how some of Google metrics can be customized. One of the better how-to’s on this topic, well worth a read comes from blogger and entrepreneur Om Malik. Google has a helpful blog on the subject as well.

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