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Holiday Guilty Pleasures


Here at Spot-on world HQ we generally shy away from “shop” movies. No “West Wing” or “Wag the Dog”. And campaign documentaries? Unless we know you, no thanks. We’ll wait for the books.

But when Hollywood writes our sales pitches for us we make an exception.

A goofy little episode of TNT’s goofy little series, “Leverage” made us laugh so we’re passing it along for your winter storm-waiting couch lounging pleasure. If you’re a Comcast subscriber you can watch it via Fancast.

In “The San Lorenzo Job” Timothy Hutton, a leader of a gang of thieves, plays a political consultant who needs to take the underdog candidate to victory. He wears a white suit throughout so, of course, he gets punched. But the look the little send-up provides of the use of online media has some savvy insights.

And, of course, you know what they say about life imitating art…

Along those same lines, we’ll point you to this Xtranormal short “So You Want to be a Political Operative.” Yet another reason to stay away from the shop shows.

Hope you had a happy holiday. Stay warm and dry this week.

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