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This Week’s Reads


Here’s a collection of analysis and stories making the round about politics, campaigns and online advertising. We send these out during the week via Twitter so some of this might be familiar. But since The Twitter, ain’t for everybody, here’s a handy dandy round up.

- Check out Engage co-founder Patrick Ruffini’s post “The New Media Mix” on an online equivalent for television’s Gross Rating Points. There’s some more work to be done here but Ruffini’s got some smart insights. And there are lots of numbers!

- AdAge chronicles online spending and put its at $4 million this year. There are some good insights here for those of you thinking about your first online campaign.

- The Wall Street Journal’s report on Target and how its backing a political effort back-fired. This is a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks that corporate spending in politics is manna from heaven.

- Back to the WSJ again for its “What they Know” series on ad targeting. This practice, used by most brand advertisers is controversial for many of the reasons the Journal spells out co clearly. That can – in the wrong hands – go double for political ads. We here at Spot-on think this makes targeting a consumer issue.

- Particularly when you combine it with growing concerns about what Facebook knows about you and what it does with that info. Alternet takes a look at that.

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